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Nominated for the FIRST STEPS Award 2016.

WE ARE THE TIDE is nominated in two categories for the FIRST STEPS Award 2016.
As the „Best Feature-Length Film“ and for the „Michael-Ballhaus-Award“ for the best camera work.
The awarding ceremony will take place on 09/19/2016 in Berlin.


Nominated for the "Studio Hamburg Nachwuchspreis" 2016!

WE ARE THE TIDE is nominated for the “Studio Hamburg Nachwuchspreis” 2016 in the category “Best Production”!

Cross your fingers for us.

mauff_grimme preis

Grimme Award 2016 for Max Mauff

Congratulations to our main actor! Max Mauff received the Grimme Award for his role in the ZDF TV-movie “Patong Girl“!

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Nominated for Producers Award at SEHSÜCHTE 2016

WE ARE THE TIDE has been nominated for the Producers Award at the biggest European international student film festival, SEHSÜCHTE 2016. In light of this nomination, there will be a screening taking place on Thu, 21st of April 2016 at 8 pm in fx-Kino at August-Bebel-Straße 26, 14482 Potsdam. Details to follow.


Exhibition of WE ARE THE TIDE in Ludwigsburg starting 24 April 2016

For the occasion of the 25th anniversary of the Filmakademie Baden-Württemberg, the Ludwigsburg Museum is preparing an anniversary exhibition called „Making-of-Filmakademie“ which will open in April 2016. In cooperation with the Filmakademie, it will tell the academy’s stories, large and small, from the past 25 years. Staged in a bespoke setting, the exhibition showcases technical innovations, extraordinary experiments and big successes by way of costumes, film excerpts and more. 


Interview with Sebastian Hilger, Lana Cooper and Edgar Derzian

See for an interview with Sven Klöpping about the topic and the background to the production of WE ARE THE TIDE.


On the coastline of Windholm one morning 15 years ago the ocean just disappeared. Since then the emptiness has been raising questions and anxiety. The cause of the phenomenon remains unclear.

With a new theory at hand the physicist Micha (28) is one of many young scientists who is trying to get his hands on to one of his university’s rare scholarships to explore the phenomena. After the many years of work he has put into the project he must once again see how a bold idea ends at the doors of the antiquated establishment – he receives a rejection.

At the same time Jana (31), daughter of the institute’s boss and Micha’s former colleague on the project, resurfaces at the university. This doesn’t make the situation any easier for Micha. A year ago she left him and the project and ran off to Portugal. Jana has now returned to put a definite end to her scientific career – but there is something else: Jana has to clarify something with Micha. When Micha decides to take the trip to Windholm to prove his hypothesis despite the rejection and without official permission she joins him.

In Windholm the young scientists are confronted with the remains of a village community that has never been able to overcome their trauma. On the day the ocean disappeared – so did all the children from the village. But have the kids really drowned that day? Their bodies were never found.

Micha clings to rational thinking and only the scientific phenomenon is of his concern. But as his measurements take longer than planned the village pulls him deeper and deeper into its spell. Micha meets Hanna (19) the only remaining child. She tries to rebuild the neglected public pool, guides tourists through the village and is convinced that the kids are still out there somewhere. Jana strikes the thought that it is no coincidence that Micha and her have been lead to this place.

Abandoned houses and playgrounds, a small footprint on the empty ground of the ocean, the room of a boy who dreamt of becoming an astronaut – this is where Micha and Jana have to come to terms with their own past and a loss.



Release Date: 19.02.2016, Berlin, Germany

Genre : Mystery, Science-Fiction
Runtime : 84min
Director : Sebastian Hilger
Screenplay : Nadine Gottmann
Director of Photography : Simon Vu
Editor : Linda Bosch
Production Designer : Karina Ferg
Costume Designer : Sophie Klebba
VFX Supervisor : Peter Lames
VFX Producer : Mareike Keller
Music : Leonard Petersen
Production Sound Mixer : Kai Ziarkowski
Sound Designer : Valentin Finke
Commissioning Editor rbb : Verena Veihl, Cooky Ziesche
Producers : Lasse Scharpen, Johannes Jancke, Edgar Derzian
Produced by : Anna Wendt, Fabian Winkelmann
Distribution : derzianPictures, SHPN3
FSK : 6





Winner of the Audience Award and the ACHILLE VALDATA Award at the 34th Torino Film Festival

Nominated for the Creative Energy Award at the International Filmfest Emden-Norderney

Nominated for the NDR Film Award for Young Talents at the International Filmfest Emden-Norderney

Nominated for the Studio Hamburg Nachwuchspreis in the category “Best Production”

Nominated for Producers Award at the International Student Film Festival SEHSÜCHTE



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